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How long have you been living life at home with those unsightly or worn down floors? Whether you need all-new flooring or could just use some life put back into your existing hardwood floors, Santi Hardwood Floors is the company for you to rely on throughout the Chapel Hill, NC and Durham, NC areas. 

New hardwood floor installations can bring beauty, elegance, and a modern touch to any home. When considering adding new hardwood floors to your home, Santi Hardwood Floors should be your first choice. We're proud of our reputation throughout the Chapel Hill and Durham, NC communities, and we look forward to continuing to provide homeowners with quality flooring options.

We’ve been family-owned-and-operated in this area since 2012, and have years of prior experience and licensed training in the industry. For anyone in need of refinishing hardwood floors or hardwood floor installations, the Santi team is the one to come to. No matter the project you present us with, you can be sure we’ll get back to you with an affordable estimate and a dependable and quick response time to get the job taken care of. Plus, we always keep our work station neat and clean, and pick up after ourselves as if we weren’t even there. The only evidence left behind will be a shiny, beautiful floor. 

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Don’t let your floors fall victim to being worn down even more. Now is the time to get started on that hardwood floor project, and you don’t have to do it alone. When you’re looking to add life back into your floor, refinishing hardwood floors is what you need. We also offer dust-free sanding and all-new hardwood floor installations. Learn more about how we can service your floors in the Chapel Hill, NC and Durham, NC areas. Whether you know exactly what you want and need or could use some guidance, our team here at Santi Hardwood Floors is here to help you out. Give us a call today, and we’ll get you started on your flooring project with a free estimate. 

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